Announcing Curate Version 2023.3 

Curate's 2023.3 offers an enhanced user experience that enables users to streamline their data analysis and interpretation. The new and improved features make it possible to manage and analyze data more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.


What’s New:

The latest version of Curate features significant improvements in performance and scalability. The mapping, well list, and searching behaviour boast a brand-new redesign ready to handle large well datasets (e.g., 1m + wells) Curate’s latest release also enables users to quickly understand the inventory of their data with a brand-new Data Matrix from the Curate platform. This Data Matrix allows users to quickly identify where data is available as well as where data might be missing across a given project, enabling quick and accurate decisions to be made on the fly. As part of the ongoing build out, more project details have been added to the Project Items page as well.

Curate Data Matrix

Curate’s real-time pore pressure monitoring application, Well Surveillance, has also recently undergone significant improvements with the ability to visualize and model data in true vertical depth, display markers, and export the resulting interpretation data. Improvements have also been made to the Data Explorer application, which offers full support for curves with duplication depths and better controls on the data selection.

Curate Real Time Pore Pressure Monitoring Application

Curate Real Time Pore Pressure Monitoring Application


What’s Improved:

In addition to the new features, Curate 2023.3 also allows users to fully customize their data organization from the front-end beyond the previously pre-configured properties. The platform and essential applications have been updated to provide better flexibility and improved display options. The Well Viewer module has been enhanced to display curve values when hovering over the monitor line. The Data Explore feature now allows users to cross-plot data against depth without a depth curve, making data analysis more efficient.




Ikon Science's latest release of Curate 2023.3 brings enhanced features that streamline subsurface data workflows, making it a modern, flexible, and intuitive knowledge management solution for subsurface data consumers.

Alex Edwards
Post by Alex Edwards
June 4, 2023