Announcing Curate Version 20234

We are thrilled to announce the release of Curate 2023.4 - the latest version that brings together data quality management and analysis within the technology. This update is packed with new features and enhancements designed to provide you with an even more comprehensive and intuitive experience that empower your decision-making process.

What’s New:

The Platform has seen numerous improvements to enhance user experience. We've introduced a system setting allowing easy switching between well name and UWI as the primary identifier across applications. This consistent identification not only streamlines operations but also ensures precision, forming the basis for smooth workflows.

A major improvement lies in displaying curve quality information. Users can now see quality indicators next to curve names across the Platform and Well Viewer Applications. Admins can customize this visual representation, defining quality levels and toggling their display. This innovation provides insights into data reliability, aiding decision-making.

oil and gas data quality

reliable oil and gas data

Regarding Document downloading, the latest upgrade supports larger downloads, up to 10 GB, with customizable directory structures for better content organization. To diversify dataset export options, we've added CSV file exports alongside existing LAS file exports. This expanded format range enhances data versatility and compatibility.

file management

document management

In the Well Viewer, we've made subtle but impactful changes. Navigating File-Link curve files is now more intuitive with left and right arrows replacing up and down arrows. Horizontal scaling choices for curve presentation in tracks have been refined for better visualization. Recognizing the importance of efficient data analysis, the Data Explorer Application now allows direct drag-and-drop of curve folders into the data table, enabling quick inclusion of multiple curves and facilitating seamless analysis.

In our commitment to advancing real-time pore pressure monitoring, we've introduced transformative enhancements. The integration of the Bowers pore pressure model offers new insights into pressure dynamics with loading and unloading variants. The Eaton Exponent's adaptability has improved, allowing calibration across intervals, and including a pre-drill Normal Compaction Trend (NCT) and a free-hand model. Customizable display units and the option to transition to the Overpressure View alongside Pressure and Mudweight Views provide a comprehensive perspective on pressure data, elevating insights to unprecedented levels.

real-time pore pressure

What’s Improved:

Navigate and visualize better in the Well Viewer and Well Correlation Applications. We've improved curve file navigation and refined curve scaling for smoother visualization. In the Data Explorer, managing data is easier with "Select All" and "Deselect All" options in the cross-plot legend. The data table now includes a versatile datum type selector, enabling various data plotting options.

data analytics


Ikon Science's cutting-edge launch of Curate 2023.4 introduces a wave of empowered functionalities that seamlessly streamline subsurface data workflows, transforming it into a modern, flexible, and exceptionally intuitive knowledge management solution that significantly amplifies the capabilities of subsurface data consumers.

Alex Edwards
Post by Alex Edwards
Sep 20, 2023 4:30:12 PM