COMING SOON: Unleash the power of unstructured data with Curate's groundbreaking natural language search. Ask questions in plain English and get comprehensive answers from unstructured documents. This revolutionary feature, launching in December, will transform how you access and analyze information.

Imagine conversing with your data like an expert, uncovering hidden insights and making informed decisions. Curate's generative AI bridges the gap between human language and unstructured data, unlocking a new era of data-driven insights.

This new functionality will be available to our growing userbase as part of our December 2023 release.

Monica Beech
Post by Monica Beech
Oct 19, 2023 9:37:14 PM
Monica Beech is a geoscientist turned product manager with a passion for solving real problems in data management. Driven by a deep understanding of geoscience and a love of listening, I find innovative solutions that meet the needs of my customers and team.