Curate is Ikon Science's innovative solution for Subsurface Data Management. Highly integrated and automated, deployable in weeks not months - Curate revolutionizes access to subsurface information across your business, providing immediate access to centralized, standardized and trusted data. Whether a geoscientist, engineer, data scientist or manager Curate provides you with the tools to quickly locate, verify and utilize your information.

  • Over 20 years of solving subsurface challenges means we understand your business challenges and know how to solve them.

  • Eliminate the worry, stress and cost of a multi-year implementation. Curate is installed and deployed in a matter of weeks – delivering instant ROI.

  • Data is an asset – but only if it’s discoverable, trusted and actionable. Curate feeds your enterprise the data it needs.

  • Ikon Science harnesses the latest tech development to generate new insights and value for your organization.

User Enablement

Load, store, locate, and access all subsurface data from a single web-based access location.  All well data, seismic data, and documents can be stored, searched, and retrieved with customizable trees, criteria searches, map-based searches, or natural language search using brand new Generative AI technology.

Data Standardization

The Curate Admin tool offers standardization, security, and quality control across all stored data, and even between databases, using our flexible family of connectors to integrate with multiple third-party sources.

Curve Quality

Curate offers a powerful but intuitive data access point, enabling all subsurface data to be accounted for, visualized, and analyzed - all from one place.

Subsurface Data Visualization

Curate Data Visualizatioin

Once in Curate, your data and visualization can be brought to life enabling in-depth analysis and understanding, all focused on increasing knowledge and reducing uncertainty.

Instant Data Analysis

Multi-Scale well data, seismic data, & geospatial distributions can be efficiently investigated in Curate's easy to use, but sophisticated essential web applications.

Cross Departmental Collaboration

Users can easily share important visualizations and project status updates with other team members across departments, in a collaborative workspace.

Subsurface Data Integration

Subsurface data integration

Curate's database integrates with other corporate databases, applications and OSDU, eliminating the need to duplicate data.  These effective sharing capabilities ensure that all subsequent analysis is based on the most reliable data available.

*This blog article was updated as of 11 March 2024 

Monica Beech
Post by Monica Beech
Feb 7, 2023 2:16:02 PM
Monica Beech is a geoscientist turned product manager with a passion for solving real problems in data management. Driven by a deep understanding of geoscience and a love of listening, I find innovative solutions that meet the needs of my customers and team.