One of the biggest challenges that Curate solves is the issue of data integration. How can you access data within Curate directly from other applications? Traditionally, this has required the development of custom connectors and adaptors. This is a long and expensive (and sometimes impossible) process that can be difficult to implement and maintain long term.

Coming soon: our growing userbase will be able to quickly and easily access Curate data from any 3rd party software application, allowing immediate and seamless integration across user tool kits. This innovation is a game-changer that will eliminate the need for manual file exports or data duplication without any tedious bespoke development required.

The CurateVFS (Virtual File System) will eliminate the need for custom connectors and adaptors. Instead, other software applications will be able to access Curate directly through a virtual file system accessible like any other network drive. This means that users can easily retrieve data from Curate as easy as loading it from their desktop.

The video below shows seamless integration between RokDoc and Curate, where users can pull any Curate data into a new or existing RokDoc project with a few simple clicks. This workflow does not involve any manual file exporting / importing and can be understood and used by anyone with a basic file explorer.

Once released, Curate data will be immediately accessible from any 3rd party application, completely removing what used to be a very convoluted process altogether.


Monica Beech
Post by Monica Beech
Oct 27, 2023 7:32:58 PM
Monica Beech is a geoscientist turned product manager with a passion for solving real problems in data management. Driven by a deep understanding of geoscience and a love of listening, I find innovative solutions that meet the needs of my customers and team.