Curate 2023.1 has exciting new features!

  • A new Curate Administrator role has been added.
    • Curate Administrators can change Owners and Collaborators for any project and set some system-wide settings via the new Settings Page, reached by clicking on the cog icon in the top bar.
    • Users that are Curate Administrators can also add and remove other users as Administrators.
    • A Project may now have multiple owners and only Project Owners can now change the data selection for a project. An existing Project Owner can add and remove other users as owners.
  • In the Well Surveillance app, discussions are now support allowing for improved collaboration during drilling. Furthermore, there is now better support of multiple log runs have been added.

  • File-Link curves that contain depth referenced images can now be dragged into tracks in the Well Viewer and the images displayed in a new File Viewer. Users can now display depth referenced images, including cuttings, petrography and core images.
  • A variety of improvements have been made to the cross-plot and histograms in the Data Explorer app providing data statistics and new display options.

    data explorer 2023.1 Curate

  • The limit on downloading well data to LAS files from the Project Items page is now based on the dataset size, allowing many more datasets to be exported at once, provided they are not too large.

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Monica Beech
Post by Monica Beech
December 11, 2022
Monica Beech is a geoscientist turned product manager with a passion for solving real problems in data management. Driven by a deep understanding of geoscience and a love of listening, I find innovative solutions that meet the needs of my customers and team.