Announcing Curate Version 2023.2 

We are excited to introduce the newest release of Curate, featuring a host of advanced capabilities and enhanced functionality to bring greater insights and results to your data analysis and visualization.


Whats New:

With the new ability to colour wells on the map by property values, you can easily identify patterns and trends in your data, visualizing the relationships between different well properties. Colour definitions can now be saved for each user allowing better  focus on the data that matters most. Improvements to search capabilities allows users to search for a list of Well Names or UWIs to fast track project creation and management. 

Well data property Colouring

Flexable searching

Preview datasets with ease from the Project Items page by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the dataset name, saving you valuable time and eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages. The enhanced searching and filtering capabilities in the Data Explorer provide a more intuitive and complex search, allowing you to find the data you need more quickly.


Dataset preview



Additionally, a new system setting has been added that gives you greater control over how your data is organized and displayed, specifying the default data picker structure across all apps.


Standardized data tree


Whats Improved:

Several improvements to the platform have been made in this release, including the ability to toggle off well name labels on the map, set all track widths in the Well Viewer, improved project context for Curate Administrators, better support for system nulls, and enhanced feedback when exporting multiple datasets.


Well label toggle


In summary, our latest release empowers our users with advanced features and improved functionality, providing a smoother overall experience. We look forward to seeing how our user community utilizes these new capabilities to drive greater insights and results from your data analysis and visualization.

Alex Edwards
Post by Alex Edwards
June 6, 2023