PPFG Transformation through Digital Innovation

Innovation has driven the energy industry, from seismic imaging to digital twins and much more. Even with all of this progress, however, far too many wells are still delayed or over budget. To transform exploration activity and control costs with digital technology, the well-planning process must be improved. Introducing innovative methods into the pore pressure and fracture gradient (PPFG) well-planning workflow is a key step in allowing exploration companies to enhance communication and streamline the drilling process.

PPFG starts during prospect and play evaluation and helps determine both the planning and selection of the well concept and the plan for execution, incorporating data from offset well logs, seismic models, comp logs, drilling reports and pre-drill prognosis analysis such as maps and stratigraphy. Geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and drilling engineers, who each contribute their own inputs, all must collaborate – and find a way to merge disparate data from multiple software platforms. True digital transformation is needed to tie data together into a single format and source that’s multifaceted enough to provide the details each party requires, without costly delays.

Digital knowledge management solutions free experts to focus on analyzing a full data set, creating a better well-planning process. As a result, PPFG can be performed more quickly and risk prospects more effectively. Iterations are reduced, and knowledge sharing on well delivery increases, leading to fewer errors in the field, better compliance with industry standards and regulations, and lower risks to workers. Firms can achieve more effective project management, with better resource utilization, budget control and alignment of project goals across the organization.

Read more in our article published June 8, 2023 By Alex Edwards in the JPT: “How Digital Innovation Is Transforming the Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Workflow”.


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Post by Bethany Hilt
Jul 18, 2023 6:03:25 AM