Data has a value. We spend money acquiring it, it adds value to our business, and we can trade it and profit from the selling it. So why is so much historical data forgotten? Data, such as paper logs, are stored in archives and are difficult to search through and mesh with other data types, especially more modern data.


We help customers visualize scans and pictures alongside digital logs.  Curate provides a single platform for your legacy data to be visualized alongside more modern data. With this data enablement solution, customers can cross check the new against the old. Multiple data types at multiple scales allow for multiple applications.



We understand your needs are unique and specific to your organization.  A quick chat with one of our digital transformation experts will provide insight into how we can help you solve your toughest subsurface data challenges.  

Operational Data, Not Archival.  Contact Us!

Discover the power of Curate, the cutting-edge knowledge management platform by Ikon Science. Unleash the full potential of your data and revolutionize your business. Visit to dive into the world of advanced data visualization and analysis.
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Liza Yellott
Post by Liza Yellott
Jul 18, 2023 5:40:20 AM